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Product: Double Weighted Boston Shaker 2pc

Brand: Mixology Chef

Material: FDA Approved Polished Stainless Steel

Weight: 400g (More than industry average)

Price: Check here

Features And Benefits

  • DURABLE AND EASY TO USE BAR KIT: The Cocktail shaker bar set will not brake like a glass one, there is no any rubber that will get cracked or old with the time also. It is made to last long and create great drinks forDrink Mixer your home bar or any commercial bar. No more hassle just add your favorite cocktail and shake. It is that easy.
  • DOUBLE, WEIGHTED AND EXCEPTIONALLY BALANCED AND STABLE TIN ON TIN: This boston shaker set is made from high quality food safe and polish stainless steel with additional weight on the bottom that makes it extremely stable and balanced unless unweighted shakers that can easily slip and get messy. Very solid when you seal it and at the same time very easy to separate. It doesn’t stuck like a cobbler shaker.
  • GREAT CHOICE FOR EVERY TYPE OF ALCOHOL AND COCKTAIL: It is a must cocktail shaker if you want to impress your friends and make the best mojitos, margaritas, manhatans, old fashions and daiquiris. The tin on tin shaker cools off the liquid inside way faster than the glass on tin one. Perfect choice for ice cold martinis and vespers. Fits every type of Hawthorne or Julep strainer and can be used for a mixing glass also.
  • BAR AND MIXOLOGIST PROOF PROFESSIONAL SHAKER: The 2 stainless steel cups are perfect choice for home or advanced bartenders. 28oz and 18oz mixers can fit up to 3 cocktails in one time. Made to last a busy commercial bar our boston shakers are No.1 choice for every bartender or mixologist. They have been tested and approved. You don`t need outdated glass or amateur cobbler shaker. Be like a pro and use the standard and proven boston shaker
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If something happen to your product we will get you a new one, no question asked. If for some reason you don`t like your bar tool we will replaced it or get your money back.

Cocktail ShakerDescription

Why Choose No.1 Double Weighted Stainless Steel drink mixer:

  1. Approved by professional mixologists and bartenders this cocktail shaker is made to last longer and stronger. Made for busy commercial or home bar.
  2. The high quality tins are not going to break and will make the best cocktails and martinis for your bar or home kitchen.
  3. They seal and separate very easy. No more mess and struggle.
  4. This martini shaker set of 2 will be the last cocktail mixer you buy. Very durable and stable.
  5. It will never rust or leak.
  6. This drink shaker is double weighted on the bottom for a greater balance. It will stay stable and won’t move while pour.
  7. Heavier than the industry average: 400gr
  8. It gets drinks ice cold after only a few seconds of shaking unless the glass shaker which needs way longer.
  9. You will definitely impress all your friends with this professional bare set. It is a great gift.
  10. Easy to clean. Dishwasher safe.
  11. Lifetime warranty: If something happen to your boston shaker we will replace it.
  12. Size and Measurements:

Size And Dimensions 

Perfectly sized Top Mixing Shaker Set: You will get 2pc tin shakers: 28oz and 18oz, enough to make 2-4 cocktails at the same time. The two shakers fit perfectly together and safe you a lot of space.

Fits every type of strainers and bar tools: julep strainers, hawthorne strainers mesh strainers…etc

Height: 6.73in and 5.35in

Diameter: 3.66in and 3.34in

Capacity: 28oz and 18oz

Weight: 400gr

Mixology Chef Guarantee Highest Quality Bar Supplies

Be a true mixilogist, Make great cocktails, Enjoy your life. Impress your friends and get this Boston shaker today, don`t wait till tomorrow.

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