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Why the cocktail shakers are important for every bartender, mixologist or somebody that want to make random cocktails at his own kitchen? How many types of cocktail shakers and which one is the best? Why you don`t need to buy every single cocktail shaker set you see?

I have used many types of bar shakers in my 15 years experience and believe me There is just one particular type that most of the bartenders like to use and I will explain to you which one is it and Why? First, lets find out more about the bar shakers?

Why do we need a Cocktail Shaker in a first place?

In general you can make a drink in few ways:

  1. Pour the drink right in to the glass (mixed drinks, neat, over ice…)
  2. Stir a drink into a mixing glass (straight up, martini, manhatan… )
  3. Shake a drink and create a cocktail using any types of shaking tools (cobbler shaker, boston shaker….).

Since we are trying to find out more about cocktail shakers I will explain why is it so important for everybody, from beginners to advanced mixologists to have it in their inventory.

The Importance Of The Drink Shaker

Yo need it in order to shake, chill and mix a cocktail to perfection. Pouring different liquors and flavors over ice won`t do the job. You are gonna have a terrible and nasty tasting drink that nobody is gonna like. That is why you need to do an extra step and try to shake and make those different flavors settle down and chill. The perfect craft cocktail is the one that have all the components in order: nice flavor, unique taste, smooth notes and cold refreshing feeling. So this is how you have to do it:

Add all the ingredients and the desired liquors into the shaker with ice and shake hard 10-20 times or 10 seconds for best results. This process will dilute the ice and mix the flavors together which gonna make the cocktail smooth and cold. Pour over ice or in a martini glass and enjoy!

Ok… I know how to make cocktails but I want to know which shaker is the best for me and why…. Hang in here I will let you know. Stay tide.

A Little History First….

The first signs of shakers was seen in South America around 2000 BCE where the jar gourd was used as a closed container (according wiki). However the modern cocktail maker or shaker is created somewhere in 19th century in Europe. It starts to get more popularity in early 20th century at USA and since then it is an essential part of every modern bar worldwide.

So What Types Of Cocktail Shakers You Can Find and Use?

There is many different types of bar shakers and they all come in different shape, material and price. I have used most of them and have discovered two main kinds cocktail shakers that basically work: Cobbler shakers and Boston shakers. Everything else is a similarly looking brands trying to copy those two main kinds. So lets see what is the difference between those two?

Cobbler Shaker: Contains three parts – main shaker cup, a tin top and a small lid on the top.

Good for stable shaking and fast pouring. Great for beginners who just started with bartending or trying to make a quick cocktail with no hassle or mess. Just add the drink into the shaker and carefully close the lid. Make sure is tide enough but not too much.

Why I don`t like using it anymore? Very simple: every time you add the drink into the shaker and close the lid it sticks and gets very hard to open after shaking. It gets very messy when you start trying to get the lid off. I have tried it multiple times and it seems easy but it is very frustrating believe me. Even an experienced bartender will have problems taking the lid off.

cobbler shaker

Boston Shaker :It comes in two main types: Tin on Glass or Tin on Tin:

Tin on Glass Boston Shaker usually consists 28oz tin cup and 16oz glass which sticks into the shaker. Easy to use and very stable when you shake. Great for beginners and advanced bartenders. Most of the commercial bars use it with great success. I don`t mind using it too. It just one thing that I hate and this is the glass part of it. You have to be super careful whenever you try to split the two parts after shake and try not to break it. Only use the special glass that comes with the cocktail shaker set. Do not use any other types of glassware. Some bars use the 16oz pint glass but be aware it is very fragile. It will brake and you can cut yourself very bad.

So in general Tin on glass Boston shaker is a very good replacement for the tin on tin Boston Shaker I have used it for many years and I have had no problems with it.

Tin On Tin Boston Shaker: My personal favorite one to use and I am absolutely happy with it whenever I use it. First time I saw it few years ago in one of the craft cocktail bars I was visiting one night and I was absolutely thrilled when I saw the bartender using it. Few days after I ordered it online and since then it is an essential part of my bar.

It come in two parts: tin 28oz main shaker and 18oz smaller cup. Great for advanced bartenders and mixologists but even if you are a beginner and you want to learn and feel like a pro you could give it a try.

Pour the drink into the bigger part and add ice, stick the smaller part on the top and make sure it is stable. Shake with confidence 20-30 times and get the smaller part off by gently hit the edge of the main shaker. Enjoy!

Why the Tin On Tin Boston Shaker is my favorite one and why most of the pro bartenders use it instead of some other types of cocktail shakers?  Few reasons that make the difference should be: it is super durable and easy to use and clean,it chills the drinks way easier and faster cause it is all stainless steel, it won`t break or leak, you can basically use it for a long time with no problems and last but not least it is the same price like every other shaker but it is the best one.

boston shaker

So my final choice is: Tin on Tin Boston Shaker!

A Small Piece Of Advice:

Look for double weighted boston shakers. I highly suggest them than unweighted ones because they get a little more stability and weight and this is very important if you do not want to make a mess by flipping them while you pour the drink into it.

What are you waiting for? Get creative. Make that perfect drink and impress your friends or costumers. Be like a pro!!!

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The PDT Cocktail Book by Jim Meahan

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